Soft tip Bi-Level 10” Wash Brush for Trucks, Vans, Autos and RV’s.  The Soft Tip insures a scratch free wash and the tightly packed strands hold water and soap longer. 


Exaust Stack Wash Brush for Trucks and RV’s.  The Medium Stiff Bristles insures a quick wash that will get the road grime off your chrome stacks. The tightly packed strands hold water and soap longer. 


Wash Brush 10″ Green simple wash brush that has the insert for the wash hole.


18″ Truck Brush with salt and pepper fibers. Soft bristles that hold water and cleaning solution while washing away all the grime and dirt. 


5 Level Brush Blue Great brush to get the job done, has the insert for wash pole, and the bristles allow for a fresh new clean.


Short handle body and grill brush. Used for washing surfaces and wash away dirt and grime from body and grills. 


Deluxe Mag Wheel Brush. This brush can be used with any wheel, has a non-slip grip and gets dirt out of the tight places.


Spoke Wheel Brush that is used to get dirt and grime out of the spokes of the wheel.